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2014 marks the 4th series of the EGK Conference and for this year the conference put the spotlight on agricultural innovation in Ethiopia. Agriculture is the backbone of the Ethiopian economy with a lot of effort being undertaken to further boost agricultural outputs and increase value chains. In recent years focus has been put on supporting smallholder farmers who make up the largest amount of farmers in the country. There has also been emphasis on the establishment of agriculture related Institutes of technology in higher education and promotion of agricultural research institutions around the country. A technology transfer policy has been put in place, the number of large-scale investments in agriculture is growing and the use of ICT for agriculture is being promoted through different donors, businesses and NGOs.

While encouraging efforts continue to be made to improve agricultural practice, productivity is still at its infancy. Based on gaps pre-identified by returning experts working in the agricultural field between the common practice of farmers and the available agricultural research outputs and technology in the country, the conference brought together a panel of agricultural researchers, practitioners and innovators to explore the state of agricultural innovation in Ethiopia. Through panel discussions and workshops, the conference discussed and identified missing linkages within the Ethiopian agricultural innovation system and provided recommendation on how to improve the situation on the ground by bringing the relevant sectors of knowledge creation and knowledge application together.

EGK 2014 was attended by over 70 participants representing over 50 organizations for a two day panel discussion and workshop from the 24th -25th November, 2014; it was jointly organized by the German Development Cooperation Office, GIZ, Center for International Migration and Development and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Participants from CIMMYT, Haramaya University, ILRI and IFPRI made up the agricultural research panel to discuss and provide input on the state of producing agricultural research in Ethiopia. Participants from ATA, NutriDense, PCI and Yohannes Girma Farm made up the agricultural practitioners panel to discuss and provide prespective on the state of agricultural innovation in Ethiopia. Participants from Agro Profocus, ECX and GIZ made up the agricultural innovators panel to discuss and provide input on ways to bridge the gap between agricultural research and practice. Finally participants from AhadooTec, Icebauhaus and IICD made up the agricultural innovation through ICT panel to discuss and provide input on technology based solutions for bridging the gap between agricultural research and practice.


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