Field trip to the documenta art exhibition in kassel

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documenta is an exhibition of modern and contemporary art which takes place every five years in Kassel, Germany. It was founded by artist, teacher and curator Arnold Bode in 1955 as part of the Bundesgartenschau (Federal Horticultural Show) which took place in Kassel at that time,[1] and was an attempt to bring Germany up to speed with modern art, both banishing and repressing the cultural darkness of Nazism.[2] This first documenta featured many artists who are generally considered to have had a significant influence on modern art (such as Picasso and Kandinsky). The more recent documentas feature art from all continents; nonetheless most of it is site-specific.

students had to choose the artwork they like most in advance and had to present it to the group onsite or via neteeting:

submission documenta aya_1
submission documenta aya_2
submission documenta samar_1
submission documenta samar_2
submission documenta lilian_1
submission documenta lilian_2
submission documenta lilian_3