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We put together some tips for guests planning to visit Weimar and Bauhaus University. Feel free to add what's missing!

Visitors' info about Weimar:

Weimar is a small town in south-eastern Germany (65.000 inhabitants). Coming from abroad, you arrive by train in 2,5 hours from either Frankfurt or Berlin airports. Weimar on GoogleMaps.

Despite its small size, Weimar is historically an important cultural center of Germany, home of many poets, philosophers, composers and artists, as well as the historical Bauhaus School of design. Wikipedia on Weimar history. Weimar hosts the Bauhaus University and the Liszt School of Music. Touristic sites of Weimar

Weimar has a good public transport system (buses: One-way tickets for 1.80€, map here), but within the center (including trainstation & University), you can easily reach everything by foot. You can also rent a bike (9€/day).

Most people in the Bauhaus University understand English. In town, not everyone will understand foreign languages, but they are used to international tourists and try to be welcoming and helpful in general.

Cultural events in Weimar (& neighbouring towns)

Affordable Accommodation in Weimar



Info for international visitors by Bauhaus University Weimar

  • You can eat good food at good prices in the University cafeteria "Mensa". Updated menue here (in German)
  • The University "virtual pinnwall" Piazza, is where students post news about events, room-offers, etc.
  • The annual exhibition of the University takes place the second week of July. See the programme here: Summaery 2012

Info about Germany: