Mobile App for Conflict Management & Resolution

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"Development of a conceptual mobile app prototype for conflict management and resolution in East Africa."

Bachelor project: Pascal & North45, Addis Ababa


Mobile App for conflict resolution / management. The app will display historic data about conflicts according to type and location of conflict. Furthermore it will act as a guide, e.g. for security personnel, explaining how to avoid conflicts before they occur or otherwise handle these situations well. Above that the application will receive live data about ongoing or uprising conflicts. This data will be displayed in a map showing the current status. It will also be used to warn people early if conflicts occur nearby and provide information for resolution / management specific to this situation. All of this information will be displayed in info-graphical style easy to understand for the user.


To reach the desired outcome there are a lot of tasks that will have to be done. These tasks can roughly be summarised in the following steps. First the available data will be analysed to see what kinds of data were working with and to get a feeling for the matter. Subsequently I will work on how to make the information easily understandable. Second will be defining the target group, i.e. who will be using the application in the end. This group then has to be analysed concerning their knowledge, professional and technical skills, as well as cultural influences. Next will be the visualisation of the available data by creating easily understandable information graphics. Fourth will be deciding on the platform on which the application will run, be that tablet-pc, smartphone or something else. The fifth and final step then will be designing a conceptual prototype. Therefore I will develop a navigation concept as well as a user interface based on usability criteria.