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SICU March Workshop

The April workshop of SICU is based on giving information to each of the stalk-holders in the addis ababa area about the major theme of the project.There were different lectures held for the general public to inform different parties such as the kebele authorities,the EiABC intellectuals from diffent chairs and as well as different real-estates.There were also participants from the Bauhaus university weimer who are giving a parallel course in the semester at the university.


Generating Addis Course Addis Ababa excursion

SICU meeting and explanation of the project to invited guests

Master Students from BAUHAUS UNIVERSITY WEIMAR traveled to Addis Ababa to visit the current housing program in Ethiopia. The work is part of the intensive collaboration between EiABC and partners in Germany based on the “welcome Africa” project. The participants gathered background information during excursions and interviews. While talking to different stake holders and involved parties an insight view about the current situation and housing backlog could be obtained. Their visit went along with various lectures by specialists at EiABC. For the upcoming weeks they going to work on computer supported and generated solutions for housing typologies. The results will be presented on the annual re:load Africa workshop in Wiemar on July 2013. At tihs occasion representatives of EiABC also discussed further shared projects.

SICU September Workshop

A 10 Day Construction

Three teams from three countries are working together to build a real sized prototype house in 10 days in Addis Ababa. The “welcome to Africa” project between the EiABC – Bauhaus University and University of South Sudan aims to investigate possibilities and solutions for an alternative urban housing unit designed in conjunction with the construction technology and exchange, local traditions of construction technology, architectural design through technological and process innovations. The objective is to integrate teaching, practice and research in order to develop a housing prototype that is affordable and fast to construct with an individual, environmental, and context-sensitive architecture. The project is embedded within the changing urban structures and societal impact.

  • Time: FRI 20/09/2013 - SAT 28/09/2013
  • Location: LIDETA Sub City, Near the Federal High Court (down from the Abinet square)
  • Opening: Friday, September 20th, 10:00 AM
  • Closing Saturday, September 28, 2013, 11:00 AM
  • Every Day "pass by coffee", 9.30 AM

You are welcome to come around to get a comprehensive insight into an innovative, vibrant architectural intervention.

September 16 2013 : Transportation Of Building Elments

As the foundation as well as columns were already placed on the site,On this day starting from the morning on a two times basis using an Isuzu Truck the building elements such as Frame,landing elements,console woods,rain-screen foundations,Primary as well as secondary beams,ega sheet,straw board for the infill and other tools and elements were transported.

September 17 2013 : Tagging Of Building Elments

The building Elements were tagged in such a way that a person who does not have a knowhow of the construction or design system could be able to assemble it easily.this is achieved by means of letter accros the horizontal axis and numbers accross the vertical axis as well as colors.

September 19 2013 : Introduction and welcome to International Students

Four students as well as one assistant from Juba University as well as 8 students and one assistant from Bauhaus University Wiemar came to participate on the workshop.On the day they were given an overview of the expectations and tasks ahead.

Workshop Day 01 : September 20 2013

Workshop Day 02 : September 21 2013

Workshop Day 03 : September 22 2013

Workshop Day 04 : September 23 2013

Workshop Day 05 : September 24 2013

Workshop Day 06 : September 25 2013

Workshop Day 07 : September 26 2013

Workshop Day 08 : September 27 2013

Workshop Day 09 : September 28 2013