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|||||| africa re:load 2012 |||||| prototype:culture ||||||

africa re:load is the annual two-day convention hosted by the Bauhaus University Weimar and the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). It brings together private and public partners to explore emerging opportunities in Africa´s green economy and innovation market. This year’s event is centered around the issues of creative industries, maker culture, design communities and innovative financial solutions as well as green construction and renewable energies. As we explore new ways to cooperate, learn and experiment, we set out to establish and deepen strategic partnerships to promote investment, research and education in Africa. At this years´ event, you will have the opportunity to meet a great variety of entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, and investors from Egypt, Ethiopia and Germany, as well as representatives of the international development community. africa re:load will help you identify and develop new research and business links in and around the continent.

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|||||||||||| icebauhaus ||||||||||||

icebauhaus is the German node within the international, interdisciplinary open innovation network "ice" (short for: innovation . collaboration . entrepreneurship) ice is a growing international network of greentech innovation hubs with first installations in Ethiopia and Egypt. icehubs provide shared workspaces & training for individuals with innovative ideas, working on local solutions to local as well as global challenges. icebauhaus aims to connect these communities internationally and to support business creation and technological innovation in the green and creative sectors. Upon completing the first successful year as an experimental project, icebauhaus, is now ready to enter alpha phase as an officially registered association and we welcome you to celebrate with us in a public launch party at africa re:load 2012.

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