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Following topics have been discussed in the workshop:

- Integrated design process for cooling and lighting in sustainable buildings

- Requirements as to comfort, climate protection, economy

- Passive means of cooling and lighting, e.g. urban & building design, envelope and windows, natural ventilation & daylighting, innovative systems & materials

- Active means of cooling and lighting

- Design examples

- Simulation tools for cooling & lighting

- Practical application & Design exercises

- Certificate for workshop participation

workshop schedule:



File:Integrated Design Process 0612.pdf

File:Green Building RD Profile 0412.pdf

File:Daylighting solar control windows.pdf

File:Natural Ventilation 0612.pdf

File:Principles of solar control.pdf

public lecture at AUC "Sustainable Building - General Principles and European Examples", 21.6., 6pm-7pm:

File:Sustainable Buildings P S E 210612.pdf