ZA12 Cairo Workshop (Sept. 2012)

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2012 The CarbonE Brick project will introduce for the first time in Egypt a blue ocean strategy, the renewable biomass rice husk Gasification technology adding value to waste rice husk to generate clean electrical energy to operate the nowadays rice mills independently from the governmental electrical grit and will be able to sell their surplus generated electricity to others in need for power generation. Moreover will launch the innovative non conventional new walling material CarbonE brick benefiting from the reject gasified rice husk "char" resulted as free of charge waste from rice mills, and to be used to manufacture the exclusive CarbonE Brick made of 85% obsolete char minimizing cement ratio to only 5% by initiating the pozzolanic reaction between amorphous silica (char)/cement and lime for optimum (CSH) which makes the CarbonE brick gains more strength and resistant to water absorption and spalling to sustain weathering, air cavitation and the growth of fungi and molds from inside of the building.