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  • [Maher Helmi]
  • Maher collaboration with Ethiopia Mr. Leulseged Tibebu

Rice is Ethiopia's Millennium Crop. Ethiopia, Africa’s oldest independent country and the cradle of an ancient civilization,is fast emerging as one of the big rice-producing countries in sub-Saharan Africa. “Area rose from 6,000 hectares in 2005 to nearly 222,000 hectares in 2010 and paddy production from 15,460 tons to 887,400 tons,” Dr. Tereke Berhe,former regional rice coordinator at Sasakawa Africa Association and current special adviser for rice at the Agriculture Transformation Agency in Ethiopia, said. “At the same time, the number of rice farmers increased from 18,000 to more than 565,000.” According to above figures Ethiopia can gasify 250,000 Tons rice husk to generate 125 GWh/year clean/green electrical energy. Moreover the 65,000 Ton reject burned rice husk that results from the gasification operation will be used to manufacture more than 130 Million CarbonE Brick. A fully automated brick production line Ex. China cost 150,000 US$ with output capacity of 15 Million brick/year means that Ethiopia will need 9 CarbonE Bricks factories.

  • Looking at the future for rice in Ethiopia and as quoted "Dr. Lakew is among the new generation of young African rice scientists who are trained through the Africa Rice Breeding Task Force, which has been launched to build the rice breeding capacity of national partners and stimulate the delivery of improved technologies through strong partnership between international and national rice scientists.

Such partnership will be vital to realizing the Ethiopian government’s plan to raise paddy production to about 4 million tons in 2019 and increase rice area to 774,000 hectares.